PELT the second day

Today is the second day I learn “Primary E language teaching”. Before register this course I was wavering .I think this subject is difficult and not interesting. But I think I was wrong after 2 days learned it. I like my teacher. He has good method, good voice. He makes the lesson is more interesting. Today he asks us “what is teacher’ role in class?“. In my opinion I think a primary teacher should

+ Explain to kids that they don’t understand

+ Make students many chances to communicate in English make them more confident

+Increase friendly environment

+Guide Student work in pair or in group.

+ Helps Students to develop their imagination

 In the last time we watched a video about an English lesson in America for children. I realized that their teaching method is very different our country.

– Firstly the teacher warm-up the lesson by a song. Then, link the spoken words to the picture using TPR teaching “does a little dance”

 – Spelling

– Moves on to production of writing

– Moves words instruction


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