Learn PELT on the fist days.

Before learning this course, I can imagine that we will have a system of knowledge about methodologies of teaching English to children in general,and for primary school students in particular. This knowledge is associated  both theory and practice and this course give us specific detail about effectively teaching to children.

After three days in the classroom, I knew the common tasks of this course and the teacher’s request to attend in classroom whole before and after class. I believe that others in my class think as me about that time with our teacher, it’s very interesting and funny. Our teacher is a younger, so we speak and laugh without inhibition more, but sometimes he’s so serious.

The fist lesson, we learned about the common theory of the course and discussed some topic about children base on the experience of each person in the class. We also joined in a game in English, it’s very funny and comfortable. I think that the creation of an interesting class is the most important thing, especially for children, they always like to play than study. So that after class I had to learn some games and songs in English which can help children learning English happier and they will remember more, longer and better.

After the second day in the classroom, I looked for some videos to learn about the English class of the different countries in the world such as China; Thailand; Korea; Singapore… and then compared with Viet Nam to point out the common role of students and teacher in learning English now. In my opinion. the society is developing more and more, methodology of PELT is also changing. The support of modern technical facilities contribute help improving the quality of education. However, we should not be too encrusted use them but lose the positive role of the teacher and students. Today teacher plays a guiding role, students play a key role.But at the age of primary school: How do individuals active in English class? What does teacher do to , provide new knowledge,help children developing all skills,good practicing in English? Will they feel that there is interested in the next English lesson? Answer that questions, we ‘ll understand the role of teacher.

Yesterday is the third day I learn PELT in the classroom. We studied about learning English with the story. As you know children always like hearing tales or reading comic in their childhood. What does teacher do to children feel interesting to hear the English story as their mother language? How does teacher do to convey the contents and meaning of the story which has a lot of difficulty, but must to teach knowledge language, especially vocabulary and speaking skills. We watched two video in Korea and Thailand about the lesson of reading story. I know that  two teachers were very good and I can’t do like them,but I have some new experiences in the future.

In my opinion, the main purpose of  the teacher is order to the story be more vivid and interesting. Fist, the teacher needs to prepare some helpful things such as some eye-catching images which are related to the story. Second, there are always many characters in the story and each character represents different characteristics with the particular situations. The teacher should have instructed  children act playing in the different characters or do it by herself. And then, after reading the story the teacher asks to children repeat the content and meaning of  it by their way, at the same time she must emphasize  the main objects of the lesson to children  effective practice.

I think that  the teacher must have an innate talent, she can tell story in an interesting way. But it’s too difficulty to do, if you love children and want to they be happy.


About tranhien89

student at faculty òf foreign language, Thai Nguyen University, class Russian-English K31

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