The Teacher’s Role in Storytelling

Nowadays, teaching E for kids is quite popular over the world and of course teacher’s role is really a facilitator, an adviser, an answerer and monitor..If  you have ever learnt the subject PELT, you will be amazed as me. After 3 days of this course i recognize that teaching E for kids is not simple as we often think. Specially the lesson “Motivating Learning through storytelling ” on the last wednesday brang me many interesting expriences about methods of storytelling through some videos.

Storytelling is an useful way to motivate learing E. It helps kids not only develop listening skill when they are listened to the sounds of E, speaking skill when they communicate their thoughts and ideas but also know more new words and structures. However, to achieve all those skills teacher’s role is extremely important and necessary. Generally, reading story is focused on 3 main stages such as before-while-after reading and the teacher’s role is defferent in each stage.

After watching some typical videos in storytelling in primary school at some countries, i know more some necessary methods to support for teaching kids in the futture.i learn not only methods but also the way that teacher solves some situations. For example in the class of Korea, teacher prepared many aids for teaching as picture, power point, it’s easy for kids to learn.But in Thailad it is different when only a book, teacher stll atracts kids attention. So we can see teacher’s method is always important, she/he is alway active in every problems inspite of whthout supportive tools.

i saw positive refletion of kids when teacher told the story in each video.And i perceivve many things from teacher’s method. Of course saying is just theory, practicing is really important. I thought about method of telling story simply before i was taught this lesson by our teacher. Teacher just need to show new words, new stuctures, read story and translate them into Vienames, it’s enough. But i have seen i have a litle experience, even no experience.

At home i summarized the lesson myself by rereading the textbook, visualizing videos and remembering our lecture.

In first stage of telling story, depending on different story, teacher (T) has suitable methods to help kids approach that story. T can ask kids some question relating the story, or show pictures for them to guess characters. When kids understand context of the story, T can lead them to the story.

While reading story, T has to create in telling style.T can use gesture, clear and loud voice to help kids listen to the story easily.T has to know the way how to make all of them pay attention to the story. T also can catch their eyes to ensure that they are concentrating and understanding that story.

After reading story, T can give them play a game to consolidate knowledge they have just learnt. It’s important tha how kids feel about that story and what lesson kids were learnt though it. This depends instruction of teacher.

Seeing importance of teacher, we-the future teachers must up date new, modern and useful methods to apply for teaching E for kids.It’s necessary for education.


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