Benefits of storytelling methods and some advice for teachers

Storytelling activities is a form of read very special. It requires children to be active readers in receiving texts through the testimonies of teachers.  Besides, when teachers tell a story the children were happy and excited. So storytelling method brings benefits for children. There are some benefits:

– Children can be transformed into the characters, the story and plot.

– Enhance listening skills

– Increase children’s willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings

– Encourage active participation

– Increase verbal proficiency

– Encourage use of imagination and creativity

– Encourage cooperation between children

– help children develop cognitive ability in a creative way and systems


-Should be used colorful pictures to illustrate the story more vivid

-When you have finished story, teacher gives some open questions to encourage children to give their own answers:

+    Could you describe the characters?

+   What happened when …?

+   What do you think it happened…?

+   Why do you think …..?

+   What would you do if …? 


One thought on “Benefits of storytelling methods and some advice for teachers

  1. Storytelling – good way to teach English for kids
    From the unit of last week, I knew more a method to teach children this is storytelling. I think this is good way to teach English for kids. Because the stories usually are short, they talk about us life. All of the stories have happy ending. So it is easy to remember for children. Storytelling helps children to develop listening skill when they listen, speaking skill when they talk together and teacher. After listening storytelling it also help them to develop imagination of children.
    In Vietnam, there are problem teachers have when they teach English in general and teach storytelling in particular. This is new words, culture, voice or pronunciation… If teacher incorrectly pronounce children also certainly incorrectly pronounce, too. For example, when I was 1 grad, my teacher lisped. Thus, all of pupils in my class also lisped. It is very difficult to correct when I am an adult. So teacher’s pronunciation is very important to teach children.
    After I watched videos of “Motivating learning” I learned more how to attract children when I teaching. In my opinion, teacher must be warm-up to children focus their attention in class before teaching. Using software to support own lesson such as power point to show pictures and something…, using software Violet to make exercise after children listen a story.

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