Story telling – a good method in PELT

After four periods of lesson at last week, I found that there are many modern and new methods to teach English for children. One of the methods to get children’s attention and motivate their learning is storytelling. Children are very active, smart, talkative and always curious to learn new things. So teacher usually choose interesting and relevant stories. That is stories which must be comprehensible to help learners understand. By using attractive stories, children will learn faster because they are taught by fascinating photos, colorful pictures. Teacher uses poster, prompts, real objects or power point to make learners interested in lesson.

Why do we use stories to teach English? Why don’t we maintain traditional teaching method? Because using stories has its benefits. Stories can motivate and excite kids, even help them imagine, predict and anticipate. Through each of story, children know more cultures and customs of other countries. Children can learn vocabulary through context and get familiar with intonation and music of language.

Teacher need organizing some activities to interact with learners, asking questions, referring to pictures at the same time as reading. She/he can elicits words, uses gestures to help kids understand some of the vocabulary. Teacher should change her/his voice to make children interested in what she/he is reading. After teaching, teacher can require children to work in pairs or in groups to test their understanding about lesson.

So using stories in primary English language teaching classes is one of the best techniques experienced teacher usually use. It can improve listening skills, pronunciation and vocabulary for kids. If this method is applied widely in Vietnamese education system, I believe that it will bring high effect.


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