Teaching English stories for kids

In teaching English stories for kids a writer had written:
The use of storytelling in the L2 classroom creates a good learning environment and provides meaningful and comprehensible input. Through stories, the language acquisition device is activated and it is easy for children to induce the elements from the data provided by the stories. ( Krashen, 1981)
In my opinion,this statement is true because of some reasons: the stories make information more rememberable through actions of the characters; the stories also help kids to develop the ability to understand spoken language and engage in thinking skills. Therefore, the role of the teacher is very important. How does the teacher teach to achieve efficiently? In my opinion, the teacher should carry out to follow three steps:
Firstly, the teacher should focuse on building up vocabulary through different kinds of activities such as games, puzzles, matching activities, songs and other sorts of activities really help children to become familiar with the new language.
Secondly, the teacher should point to the words or phrases emphasize those connections. The purpose of reading stories is to give children oral language input and a bridge to literacy in the new language.
Finally, the teacher should give some post-reading tasks and language activities which can make the stories more comprehensible and move them from receptive skills (listening and reading) to productive skills ( speaking and writing).
I hope that you will have the most effective teaching methods!


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