My experiences…

   I have worked as a tutor for students at many different levels and ages.I fully recognized the differences in each age group for both the acquisition and interest in learning language. Primary school students give me fun lessons but they also made ​​me think the most
   Kids like learning the new language and are intersting in new things so much.However they don’t kown that what they learn and how they learn.Some kids event speak Vietnamese unfluently and writing is very slow.On the contrary, some kids acquire well, i give them some new words, after reading after me some times they can read and remember them by themselves. When I teach this two level students in a class I met many difficulties and challenges.Sometime I don’t know what i should do to balance them. Moreover kids are so active.They are mischievous,stubborn attitudes event fighting any time and I am both a teacher and a nanny.However no one is lovely as my kids,They often give me pictures drawing by themselves and i am very happy.

Although kids make me very tired of , I love them so much. I realized that to be a good teacher for elementary students needs to love children, and a lot of experiences handling situations in the classroom.


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