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Objectives of English teaching program in primary school
– General aim: Create leaner’s generation of being interested in learning foreign languages as well as cultures of other nations. In addition, they can utilize English confidently.
– Specific aims:
+ Forming and developing communicative competence: Listening, speaking, reading, writing.
+ Language focus: phonology, grammar, vocabulary, and country, culture, people who speak English.
+ Positive attitude toward English learning.
+ Forming strategy to learn English effectively.

Common European framework of reference for language:
Level A1: Understand and use all kinds of familiar and daily expressions and simple clauses in order to meet the concrete demand: introducing yourself, asking and answering about personal information such as living place, possession, friends…, communicating simply, slowly, obviously, and being ready to support.

Teaching method
+ The leading method is communicating language teaching: STs- subjects; Teacher- organizing, guiding, adjusting learning activities of students
+ Following 3 principles:
– communicative principle
– task principle
– meaningfulness principle
+ Learning and teaching activities occur in diverse communicative environment
+ Reaction activities: playing games, singing songs, playing, telling stories, play quizzes, drawing pictures…
+ Acting ways: individual, in pair, or group.
+ Themes and topics: interesting contents and forms
+ Students’ Participant: active, positive, creative. They also have to practice 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing
+ Teacher should use reasonably Vietnamese in class to help students have much more chance to be in English context.

CONTENT in primary school
Themes and topics:
– Me and my friends
– Me and school
– Me and family
– Me and community
Communicative competence reveals through 4 main skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing.
Language focus:
+ Vocabulary: 500-700 words
+ Phonology: domain of oral language and domain of literacy
+ grammar:
*) Narrative sentence, interrogative, imperative, simple, complex sentences, order in sentence.
*) Simple present, progressive, simple past, simple future tenses, morphological verb, single and compound nouns, countable noun, uncountable noun, possessive, comparative, personal pronoun, nominative pronoun, number (1- 100), ordinal number(1-30),common preposition, linking word…


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