Speaking activities and young learners

The fourth week have passed.In my mind,it has many mixed feelings. I feel both happy and worry.
I’m glad I have a better understanding of the children and teaching them. Children are ussually less self- conscious than older children. They aren’t afraid to try out new language or make mistakes. Therefore, they will develop the confidence which need for future English language learning. And if engaged in an interesting and motivating activity, children will often communicate enthusiastically. Teacher need to apply ground rules to ensure that the activity is productive, relevant to the children, and build the children’s confidence in spoken communication.
In order to be effective, speaking activities need to have three essential elements. These are structure, repetition, and purpose. The activity should also try to draw on the children’s background knowledge and experience. Speaking activities are a great classroom exercise. They are fun for the children, provide English language learning, and can help to build confidence too. However, instruction and organization of the classroom is not easy because children often use simple language. It means that teachers must express their tasks in the familiar words and use of facial gestures and actions or use of vivid pictures so they do not get bored while studying.
I hope that in the next lessons I’ll learn skills to be more confident when teaching.


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