Speaking ativities

Yesterday, I learned speaking activities and young learners. I know that the speaking activities help children develop skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, etc. Besides, it builds confidence in saying English words and pronuncing of the children.

One of the principles of the English speaking activities is that children should be exposed to English as much as possible.Therefore in the class the teacher and the children should use some basic communication sentences to developing speaking skill.


Simple expressions:

Good Morning.                                                 

How are you today?

Thank you.

See you next week.

Between the Children:

Can I borrow your……, please?

Here you are.

It’s my turn.

It’s your turn.

May I have a…..

– From the Teacher:


Please stand up.

Please open your book


 To preparing children to communicate well, the teacher needs:

Paul (2003: 77) lists several principles that teachers need to consider in preparing students to communicate in English:

  1. Introducing and practicing patterns in ways that feel meaningful to he children, such as in games, in situation where the children genuinely want to express themselves, and through personalization.
  2. Practicing new patterns in combination with the other patterns the children have learned, so the children can internalize them more easily.
  3. Giving the children many opportunities to guess how to use the patterns flexibly in novel situation.
  4. Giving the children confidence to speak out in front of others by talking independently with other children and the whole class.
  5. Building the children’s inner strength to deal with confusing and novel situations, by presenting them with puzzles to overcome and solve, and making sure they are finally successful.
  6. Focusing on the question forms of new patterns, so the children can ask about things they do not know. They can learn who is it? Before or at the same time as learning, it’s a cat, and, what’s she doing? Before or at the same time as learning she’s sleeping.



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