The reasons for using stories to teach English for children

Having many reasons to explain why we should use the stories to teach English for children:

1. Stories use a holistic approach

       Stories use a “holistic approach to language teaching and learning that places a high premium on children’s involvement with rich, authentic uses of the forein language.”

                                                                                     (Cameron, 2001)

2. Stories support natural acquisition of language.

       “Young learners acquire language unconsciously. The activities you do in class should help this kind of acquisition. Stories are the most valuable resource you have. They offer children a world of supported meaning that they can relate to. Later on you can use stories to help children practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing.”

                                                                                        (Slatterly & Willis, 2001)      3. Storytelling is effective for early foreign language classes.

 Storytelling can be effective for teaching English to young learners for the following reasons given by Wajnryb (1986):

     – The purpose of telling a story is genuinely communicative.

     – Storyteelling is linguistically honest.

     –  Storyteelling is real!

     – Storyteelling appeals to the affective domain.

     – Storyteelling caters to the individual while forging a community in the classroom.

     – Storyteelling provides listening experience with reduced anxiety.

4. Children love stories!

Children love stories. They…

are always eager to listen to stories.

know how stories work.

want to understand what is happening

can enjoy hearing stories in English when they start English lesson.

enjoy looking at storybooks by themselves.

can reread the stories they like when they can read in English themselves.

                                                                   (Slatterly &Willis, 2001)

In my opinion, we should use the stories to teach English for children because:

– Stories are very important for children in learning their mother tongue, and they are important in learning any foreign language as well. That is why it is good to start using stories in teaching English as soon as possible.

– Stories are very motivating, challenging and great fun for children. They can help develop positive attitudes towards the foreign language, culture and language learning.


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