The second day learning ” Teaching English in primary school”

September 5, 2012 by | Leave a comment


I felt this subject is very interesting, although it’s difficult. It’s very interesting because of my teacher. He is very friendly and enthusiastic. However i don’t know exactly what should i do to apply theory into my practice. So i have to try hard.^^. Through last lesson I knew that teachers play an important role in classroom. They have to give Sts chance to develop their skills for example listening, speaking, reading…..Besides, teachers have to make them feel comfortable in classroom. Sts can be free to make mistakes. So that they become more confident. Teachers create  friendly learning environment in class. Give them praise even if they make mistakes. It means making motivation in learning. Moreover they should use different types of teaching to make the lesson more exciting. In addition, T have sts to practice in the classroom. T may do something first as a sample and then give sts instruction. After that let them do following the instruction. It’s not enough…. i think so. However if you do do all these thing, you would be a good teacher!


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