To have meaningful speaking activities,….

To speak E well, it requires us many things such as words, pronunciation, grammar, ……however to teach the others to speak E, it’s more difficult speacially kids who E knowledge and experience are limited. So to achieve it, we must note some main points : structure, repetition,purpose and background knowldge-experience. I perceive them through unit 2 “Motivating learning through meaningful speaking activities”.

Firstly, structure of teaching speaking is important, so why? To lead kids to the target language, Teacher (T) must have ways which help them approach knowledge from easily to difficully. So organization the lesson has to be prepared carefully.If T starts the lesson by introducing some interesting or giving a funny game, it can be motivate for kids to learn better. Secondly, T must say them about purpose of speaking activities. Kids have no reason to learn, they even don’t nderstand they have to speak in E. So when T gives clear goals, they will determine their task and try to do it. thirdly, i want to mention repettion in E. It’s simple to understand why they can remember anything when it is repeated many times because kids often mimic everything the others do. It’s advantage for T to creat E speaking environment well, if T give suitable and active instructions. Finally, it;s necessary to have meaningful speaking activities is  background knowldge-experience. T must reach kids ability at different ages to give right methods. T must provide more real language around us to help them set up ideals, creat familiar situatiom, and then speak E easily.

There are many ways to make useful speaking activities. Maybe meet foreigners to practise E, but it’s difficult for kids living in some provinces. T can show videos contain shorts dialogs and then they will drills to develop listening,speaking, pronunciation skills. besides, after about 4 or 5 lesson, T should revise previos topics and then ask them pratice about many thing they have spoken. This helps recall old knowledge and apply it fluently.

To sum up, to teach speaking well, T doesn’t mind discovering and updating new ways to find the most usful ways. It depends on teacher’s attempt so much.



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