Motivating learning through storytelling

Motivating Learning offers primary teachers the opportunity to step inside other classrooms and gain insight, inspiration and confidence from observing their peers at work. It supports primary state school teachers in the implementation of interactive, child-centered approaches by allowing them to observe good practice and providing a source of practical ideals and activities demonstrated live on screen.

There are many ways to motivate learning for kids. Last week I had an interesting lesson about motivating learning for kids through storytelling. According to this lesson, I had many experiences. I knew that why children like stories? Why teachers should use stories to teach foreign language? What a primary teacher should do to make story become livelier? And steps for starting a lesson with stories. The stories are very interesting, animating, and attracting. So teachers can easy to teach them. Stories help to increase vocabulary and understanding of language structures. Stories also allow for the natural and enjoyable repetition of words and phrases. So children can follow a story even if they don’t understand every word.I hope that the next lesson I will know more way to motivate your learners.



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