Story telling- a very good way to practice oral skills

Hi, my name is Hai Yen, the student of FFL, TNU. I have finished the subject of primary teaching methodology. Additionally, I was very lucky to have a primary class to teach. Thus, I have much experience and have more time to try new methods on my chilren.

When you have a class to teach, you will realize that teaching language is not everything, espeacially with primary learners. Besides cognitive development, students also develope their own senses to the world. So, positive elements of teaching are very important to them. When I observe my students, I realize that they are not very good at speaking naturally. This is also easy to understand because they may be can not even speak mother tonge well. Once I tried story telling to make a new atmosphere. And the result was even better than I had expected!

It is amazing that when you use a story and ask your students to reproduce the story, even they do not understand everything, they can do very well! Much much better than in normal lessons. The story motivtates students into the oral skill practicing and they don’t even know that. Children always love story with funny things. So, if we can tell a funy story, it will be fantastic. children are also very creative! They may make up many other things when acting the play. However, they are very noisy and easy to loose control. Thus, these are some things that you should care about when try telling a story:

1. Time: just a short story: 2′- 5′ is OK

2. Management: they may make so much noise and distract others when they act out a story. So, we have to calm them down if they are too noisy.

3. Listen to students: pay attention to how they pronounce and correct them. This is a very good way to correct the mistakes because they are too excited to act out the story, so they are willing to do everything as much as you ask them to be allowed to act.

Well, I am not an expert about children. However, base on my own experiences, I hope that I can help other about this subject. Addtionally, I can hear others’ ideas about this thing. Anyway, in my opinions, story telling is one of the best ways to make students practice oral skills naturally! 


One thought on “Story telling- a very good way to practice oral skills

  1. I love to tell story for children as you said. Actually, when i was a child i also loved fork tales. I totally agree with the effectiveness that you point out. But i consider that time for telling a short story 2′-5′ just suit infants fine, not enough to put into practice in a even Primary School. ^^

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