Learning English everyday???

Have you ever had a thought like this?
When i started learning English, I usually tried to attach special importance to the ways people can achieve a foreign language quickly. I found something as my teacher often said “We have to read, listen, write, speak much more, so we can use E”. I followed and realized the result of this method. But not for all time I could deal with it, I feel lazy, spending much time on E per day made me so damn tired. I gave up, then start again. I thought about the thing is “we should TRY to have a English learning HABIT”, that is the best method. TRY to do something, do you feel stress any time? Is it different from be in the HABIT of doing something? In fact, i see that, each of us fall into good HABIT more difficult than bad one. I am an evidence. what’s about you?
So can I say Learning English is so hard for our children. Naturally, each child seems to be good at some subjects, so we guide them to pay attention only to those. And we do the same with kids good at English. However English learning doesn’t have good results in schools thoroughly.
All the things i said in brief here becoz I consider whether we can teach English for children everyday in schools, It may be better instead of 2 periods each week currently. That will be a good way to motivate children to learn E, in other word, create children’s E learning HABIT. If it is available, when it will be?


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