A meaningful week

Last week was a very interesting week for me. I know a lot of very interesting things about the kids such as young learners are usually less self-conscious than older children, listening & repeating the target language before a speaking activity helps children speak E during the activity, kid’s speaking activity can be done in somewhere. I watched some E teaching videos which are really useful, and I admired the English teacher. Each comes from a different country but they all have professional teaching methods. They helped students understand the task and prepare for using the target language, not many English teachers can do like them. There are six basic steps for speaking teaching lesson: handing out “farm cards” to students, describing farm cards, eliciting key language, students practice, the teacher models the task with students. However, teacher also should emphasize the new grammatical structures so that students can memorize and apply immediately.

To develop the ability to speak for children, we should not only organize teaching English in school, but also provides opportunities for children to participate in activities with applicability as E speaking contest , visiting London, traveling with E-speaking people,…Besides, listening, pronunciation and reading are very important skills, so it would be negligence if only give attention to speaking but does not care about them./.


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