Some English language teaching methods in Primary School

These methods should be combinations between the school and parents, students and teachers.

1. Student-centered:

View the developed countries; the teaching method “learner-centered” has been applied for a long time. With this method, the learner will be free to explore the knowledge, the teacher is only a guide and provides information, teachers act as “referee”, “adviser”. The role of the teacher at this time is to lead, inspire learners. To be a mentor, provide information … teachers must have a deep understanding of the knowledge and have to supplement their knowledge regularly and a clear orientation through documents, books and newspapers. Under the guidance of teachers, students will be more active, more self-conscious in learning, applying and learning new knowledge. Each student will have to find out the optimal learning methods

2.  Group discussion:

 Group work is an active method. Group of three to five students or work in pairs together discuss about one given topic in English. After finishing the discussing, they present their ideas in English in front of the class by their abilities.

3. Comfort in the school:

 In other words, it helps children learn enthusiastically, by attraction them in exciting stories. Teachers often tell stories in English that young children love to hear. Before telling, teachers promote the attraction of the story. The teacher calls two children. One tells English sentences and another one explains for class in Vietnamese. Sometimes we may combine students with teachers to increase student attention.

4. Basing on children’ psychology:

Teaching children to sing and listen to English songs are good training skills for children. Children want to hear well requires combinations with other teachers, between teachers and students, between families and schools

5. Combination between the family and school:

There are many ways which the parents often use to children practice effectively:

      -The game such as cross words or compound words in English is help children to approach with the writing way, the reading way, vocabulary, simple sentences… This is a good way to help children to have a passion for learning English from listening – reading – writing and making questions completely.

      -Watching English cartoons and Vietnamese subtitles: This method is very attractive for kids; they are better benefits when those are hot films they love so much.

6. Application of information technology in the teaching and learning English:

Websites learning and teaching English are rich and diverse. Information technology resources are rich and extensive resources, they are easy to exploit and to be exploited fast. The good teachers want to teach English listening skills well must use the most of these resources.

7. Innovation in English language teaching methods of the British Council:

 The first minute, the teacher introduces new words. A given bag, inside the simple things like: books, notebooks, rulers, pens, etc. Each child is a blinker. Then one by one takes each item out of his pocket and call their names in English. If students don’t know the name of any objects, they can ask the teacher, or friends in English. This method helps them remember new words very fast and quality.

 In addition to improving the quality of teacher and student learning, there are attractive extra-curricular activities as in the garden to know more names of plants, flowers, zoo, park …and organize contests, parties, anniversaries or birthday parties. Generally, creative ways to teach and apply the available abilities of teachers and students will enrich teaching and learning.


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