Motivate learning through meaningful speaking activities.

I think that one of ways to motivate learning of children is meaningful speaking activities. So to start a lesson, teacher should find some activities to get their attention. Games, songs, story telling, role-playing  and surprises …should be part of speaking activities because children  are usually interested in something which are fun and enjoyable

The key to encouraging speaking skills in the classroom is creating the comfortable and free environment.  Children should feel relaxed, and social interaction with partners should be encouraged. Kids should been encouraged to speak English every where, and anytime

Teachers need create different situations to encourage learners to communicate, to speak English: with individuals, small groups, and the whole class. Conversations is an example. Or teacher can give kids small topics to discuss. And then, she/ he will help children in any tasks. For example : modeling the activities several times with individual students, using gestures as well as clear, concise instructions, or writing the target language on the board. Conversation is informal, spontaneous, and relatively unstructured.  Besides, discussion is more formal and usually topic-centered talk. Teacher requires kids to say English during periods of lesson. This helps learners practice in pronunciation, fluency, expression, and vocabulary…  They also help children build confidence to express themselves ideas orally. So this is not only improving speaking skill but also listening skill and other sills for children.


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