Today, I learned…

Today, I learned about using games in class.  I know that it is very good method. Using games in English classes can help children’s language learning.

There are many types of games used in the English classes such as Bingo, “What number is it?”  , Whispers,…They help children speak more fluently, as well as practise vocabulary. They can practise and repeat full phrase and language patterns during the game. Besides, they are also working in pairs or groups. Teachers should use games to teach? In my opeinion, we should use games to teach because:

– Games can engage and motivate students and in doing so they are more likely to interact in topics covered.

– Games can provide feedback to both the learner and the teacher – outcomes help students to identify their current levels of acheivement and staff can intervene, scaffold and adjust learning opportunities as neccesary in relation to the outcomes.

– Game is easy to learn – children can usually learn and remember the rules of games easily. This means they can use the same game again to practise and will remember how to play the game.


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