Learning English through interactive games

Using games in English classes has some advantages such as enjoyable, interactive, chance to use all senses to activate different learning styles, practise language in a meaningful way, build on children’s knowledge of playing games, challenging, encourage team working, have a final out come, easy to learn… However, it’s difficult to gain all of these pros in one games, each game has his own benefit. So we have to choose the game which is suitable  for our goals. Normally, the game focus on fluency or accuracy, some games focus on both of them. Accuracy games are used to practice vocabulary and pronunciation ( children have to remember and repeat words or phrases).

Sentence pattern are repeated to help gain fluency.( Children have to communicate with each other to do something purposeful and achieve an out come-win the game).

For games which included both accuracy and fluency,children will be taught chunks of language ( not just single words or sounds). Ex: just a minute, it’s up to you, some other time, how old are you, what do you have….).

It’s clear that playing games help children improve vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar in a fun way but make sure that your games have a clear language focus. And another important thing is you have to prepare carefully to provide children good language practice. You should think about different ways to approach, to instruct your learner to make sure that they understand you and they want to play the games.

In order to be a teacher is easy, but it’s difficult to be a good teacher. Therefore, you should try your best to understand your learner. Sometimes your learner are tired and they don’t wanna do anything, shouldn’t be angry, please!. If you get into a situation like that, let your children to relax and have fun. It will help them take motivating back.^^ And you also have a good time!


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