How the parents can help their kids learn English?

In daily life, the parents can give their children a various learning English environment. The following are some methods to help children be acquainted with English language:

– Name the foreign way for kids at home, such as: Jane, Tom, Bill,… Teach the kids vocative ways that are the same vocative foreign, such as: Daddy, mummy, …

– Create habits in using proficient words of greeting. For example: hello, goodbye, good night,…

– Teach the kids the human body parts: head, nose, hair, eyes, hand, ears,… Then, both of the parents and kids can play some small games about them. This method makes the kids memorize vocabularies longer.

– While the parents teach words by Vietnamese, they should teach them in English language. These words have to use in daily life(at home, school,..). This way will help the kids memorize the words very quickly. For example: con mèo – a cat, cái bút – a pen,…

– Teaching English through short, simple songs or showing pictures that using English language are very important. These are attractive kids’ attention.

– Improving kids’ speaking skill through short sentences, such as: what’s your name? How old are you? Where do you learn? What’s your name of father (mother)? …

Generally speaking, to have a good result, the parents need to create attractive activities that make the kids interested in.


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