What do you know about games?

As you know, games are very popular all over the world which consist some different forms. You can play through internet or direct. Not long ago, I thought game is simply to entertain. even I have felt it is negative: loss of time, waste of money, etc. Many young students have left school, left home, steal to get money to play games.

I remember, the French sociologist Roger Caillois, defined a game as an activity that must have the following characteristics:
+governed by rules

It is a good opinion, but i think it is not really correct. After 4 lessons about teaching english for kids, my thought on the games has changed.

Games are not only good for entertainment but also useful for english teaching. Playing games gives children a real lesson to use language to communicate with each other. Moreover, students can use the knowledge they have known before, work together, get motivating learning and develop memorable ability, etc. So, there are many forms of games are applyed in teaching english such as Bingo, Number Grab, Whispers. Here are some links about games to reference:






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