Children’ Needs and How to Address

Children are a special audience participants.We often acquire new knowledge in a way unlike adults.

So what is the proper time to teach foreign languages ​​to children?

There are many obstacles that children “bored” learn a foreign language such as:

– Feeling uncomfortable, stressed or distracted.

-Feeling embarrassed abstract concepts hard to understand the rules of grammar and how to apply them.

-Activities that require them to focus attention in a long time


-The teachers fix too much.

So teachers need to teach English to children like? To have the time to teach effectively, teachers not only need to know the appropriate time or obstacles that child “boring” school, but also to understand the mode of child access to a language. Below is a summary of how children learn:

-There are many opportunities that exposure to foreign languages.

-Contact the words, phrases together and put them into the context clearly and closely related to each other.

-Use all the senses of the body, observe and imitate, follow and listen.

-Explore, experiment, make mistakes and test their understanding of themselves.

-Repeated and feel confident when they set up the habit of using new knowledge learned.

-Feeling encouraged, especially when their friends are learning the same language.

Hopefully with the above suggestions, the teacher can select the appropriate method for teaching English to children is no longer a difficult task.


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