Game in Classroom

Last week, I was took part in some games in English periods. I recognized that using games in the classroom can benefit kids, and help motivate and keep them coming to class. Mindful game selection and focused lessons using games can turn an everyday class into both a challenging and fun learning experience. Playing games also may promote social interaction, playing by the rules, and using logic and strategies to succeed.
Classroom games provide students with the opportunity to learn while engaging in a competition. These games can take forms and can be applied to nearly any subject. Learners will receive benefits from high-interest, interactive games.

Teachers should also consider the advantages of games: the ability to capture students’ attention; lower students’ stress; and give students the chance for real communication. It is important to choose an appropriate time and integrate them into the regular syllabus and curriculum.

When playing games, kids are trying to win or to beat other teams for themselves or on the behalf of their team. So game can motivate and make competition for them. Therefore, it is possible for a teacher to introduce students to new ideas, grammar, and knowledge and so on. They can motivate students to want to learn more. Moreover, they can transform a boring class into a challenging one.


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