New game for kids

In the today’s lesson I have learnt many things. I knew more about teaching aids such as picture flashcards, word flashcards, toys, puzzles, song, posters…. It is very important for teaching for kids. Now I will introduce for you a new game. This is “Blank “.

“Blank” is a game not only for adult but also for the children. It helps children with their spelling and general learning.
Every child’s mind works differently. When playing this game, children see different words that they know in study, work, life . The game is fun and very inclusive. Kids love it because it gives them the freedom to make words that only they can see. They get the excitement and reward of being the only one to spot something!
In each round players will play many different types of word with varying length, structure and spelling. In fact, “Blank” is the only game in the world that stretches to the limits of the dictionary! Kids will fight to get hold of the dictionary to see if they’ve come up with a ‘magic’ word.
Rather than using a boring playing board “Blank” uses a special track to select the letters for the game.
The letters are printed on special chips that race round the track. Children will enjoy taking out the chips, shuffling them and re-loading them.The track gives the games a magical quality where new letters appear in the windows by moving the chips.

I hope that you will use this game in your teaching to achieve good results!



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