Play game in class is one of methods to well study English

The first important what should teacher do to students interested in study, create interesting lesson. In my opinion, play game is good way to teach English. There are many advantages of game in teaching English, the atmosphere in class is more excited when teacher using game after or before the lesson. According to Hammer (2001), in process teaching and learning English, learners unreservedly and freely take part in a game. To win a game each person or each group has to correctly answer questions are given by teacher, other person or other groups. To do that they have to understand what do teacher or other groups talk, given. Games help learner remember, practice lesson which they have learned.
According to Le Thuy Giang, MA (2011) flexible using games helps teaching and learning vocabulary agglutinate skills: listening, speaking, reading and illustrative images. Learners more like to study English. Inclusion, play games in English teaching is one of good methods in teaching and study English, help learner feel exciting when they learn.


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