Teaching aids_ a good way to motivate learning

Teaching aids are the teaching tools used in the process of teaching. Teaching aids include: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile. Example pictures, posters, toys, realia, video/ DVD, masks, role play, computer…. They are useful for lessons such as helping learners improve reading comprehension skills, illustrating a skill or concept, relax or less boredom than only presentation about something

We use teaching aids because they are the most powerful communication channel. They help to prevent the audience from being distracted by something else. Keep any visual aids we use simple and clear. Make sure that allocate sufficient time to prepare them well, and rehearse with them in advance of your presentation. An audience cannot focus on too many things at once, so try not to use too many visual aids.

Teaching aids play an important part in language teaching. Firstly, they can create authentic language communication situations to let children understand the new words. In addition they are easier for kids to understand and remember. Aids help kids to perceive, understand what has been learned in each activity. Thirdly, it can stimulate learners’ interest in learning and improve their learning effectiveness. At last, teaching aids can make classroom atmosphere more active and happy. Kids are very excited with this form



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