Games in PELT

Why do you use games in the English classroom?

-Reasons for using games in the classroom include:

*Games are fun with a purpose.
* Motivation – games can engage and motivate students and in doing so they are more likely to interact in topics covered
* Games can provide feedback to both the learner and the teacher – outcomes help students to identify their current levels of achievement and staff can intervene, scaffold and adjust learning opportunities as necessary in relation to the outcomes.
* For many students the nature of a game or quiz is less threatening than some other learning opportunities
* Can be used to review learning in the classroom through starters and plenaries
* Can be used as useful revision aids and through online sources can be used to support independent revision by students.
*Games are experiential.
*Games improve teamwork.
*Games bring real-world relevance.

To chose a suitable game with the classroom, teacher must be carefully and skillfully. Each game has many different methods to play, so teacher should cleverly chose to be effective in language teaching. For example, in teaching games to large groups I have found three different methods that work well depending on the game and the situation.

– Introduce the game to one group of pupils while the others are completing some individual work and then divide the whole class into groups, putting one of the first group into each group to teach the game to the group.

– Play the game with the class divided into the groups in which they will subsequently play and play the game with the whole class, each group acting as a single player.

– Choose a set of pupils to come to the front of the class and play the game as a demonstration, possibly with assistance in decision making from the whole class. If this is done it may be useful to have large-size cards, which can be seen by the whole class and cut up so that they can be projected.


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