Teaching aids


Teaching aids are tremendously important  and necessary to make the class effective and interesting, and to make the children understand easily and fast without the help of teaching aids the class become boring. In the English classroom, they not only introduce real-life examples, but also give your students something tangible to use or see when learning grammar and vocabulary. Teaching aids can be anything aside from a textbook that provides examples of a concept or that gives a student a platform on which to practice a concept. They also break up the monotony of relying strictly on textbooks and workbooks.

Nowadays, teaching aids improved a lot to fit into the smart atmosphere, but in language training they must be real sense of the term. They also enhances the science of unified being in teaching language methodology principles in reality of trend. Every device must be used in the teaching methodology , in the teaching arena.
Follow these steps to use teaching aids:

1. Find or make suitable teaching aids.

2. Experiment and practice with them so that you know how to use them.

3. Test them and revise them if necessary.

4. Remember to use them whenever they are appropriate.


However, teachers should not abuse the use of teaching aids because if  the chose of teaching aids is not suitable or too many, children will not understand lesson, they will only  pay attention to the external form without regard to the content that the teacher wants to convey through the teaching aids.


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student at faculty òf foreign language, Thai Nguyen University, class Russian-English K31

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