teaching English through teaching aids

In last lesson i had known that there are many kinds of teaching aids used in English class such as picture flashcards, word flashcards, number flashcards, puppets, toys, big books and readers…. Each teaching aid has his own function in improving learners’ learning skills ( listening, speaking, reading, writing). For instance, a picture flashcard helps teaching vocabulary/dice spinner helps teaching speaking activities… And different teaching aids are suitable for different purpose of teaching English as well as different types of learners. For visual learners, we can use flashcard. Remember that we have not to use a long sentence. Just ask them to give short answers and then repeat several times. It’s important to differentiate between a full answer that represents an authentic response and a full answer that does not, or is unnecessarily long. For auditory learners we can use music, song, chant and drill because auditory learners find it easy to learn by listening, they respond well to music, song….However, they are easily distracted by noise and prefer a quiet working environment. For tactile learners we use  pictures or cars or board games. There are some tips for using them:

– Following a recipe and making something to eat or drink

– Making a model or constructing something

– Making something out of clay

– Making a kite

– Making a poster or collage( using magazines, print media)

-Making st out of paper mache.

So in order to have a good result from using teaching aids we have to chose the suitable teaching aids to bring into play the learners’ ability.



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