Six golden rules teaching English for children


 English language teaching and learning are very important position, especially in the teaching and learning of English for children. There are six golden rules of English teaching for children to effective teaching and learning.

1. Playing is better than teaching.

The teacher teaches not following any specific curriculums. They don’t teach, they make diverse playing-fields in English for children. Guiding students masters the playing field and supplement different activities

2 Joining in activities are better than teaching theory

The picture, the games, the music, the drama….are activities helping the children join in English environment naturally without forcing. The various activities will help students gradually build learning style. Individual style is the background of quality and effective learning

3. Teaching aids are better than curriculum

Following any curriculum will limit the creative abilities of both teachers and students. Moreover, to be able to diversify the activities in class, developing teaching aids is necessary.

4. Listening and speaking are much more than writing

The fact that speaking is easy to learn and imitate in learning language. And when speaking, students gradually build confidence in using English. This is the basic weakness in English communication for many last generations.

5. Imitation is better than teaching grammar.

Imitation can not lack for children, particularly in learning language. Imitation helps the learning process faster including the use of basic sentence patterns.

6. Fun is better than getting score

Normally, In Vietnam, after every class not exception language periods, Parents   often: “How many scores do you have today “rather than:” do you make fun today”. Because of this idea, students have to pay attention to get good marks and fun is only the second. Therefore, Children form habits learned by point and by all means to have high scores.

Scores also need because they evaluate and motivate the children but there are many other ways. We have to change to make the class lively, Students have good learning habits to achieve excellent result





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