Some interesting games for primary children

Games are a part of everyone’s childhood and it is absolutely reasonable for them to become great motivation for children  in a classroom. Children in real life learn-in fact-through games and other activities, so there are many obvious advantages of using games in English class. Here are some of them:

  1. Games provide children with an enjoyable, natural, and friendly environment;
  2. Games is a mean that helps children intertact in the class
  3. Games make the children revise the language in a meaningful way
  4. Games help children to use all senses in learning
  5. Games are built on children’s knowledge of playing games
  6. Games are challenging
  7. Games encourage team working
  8. Games have a final outcome
  9. Games are easy for children to learn

As a teacher, we must know how much children love games and how effecttive games are in the classs, so that we can motivate the students in learning.

Here are some interesting and funny games that I have collected. They are suitable with the low facilities in almost classroom in Vietnam.

1. Airplane competition:

  • Preparation: sheets of paper
  • Process:

– Have your Ss make airplanes from paper sheets

– Order Ss to devide into groups and stay in lines( 3-5 lines is ok)

– Let them throw planes to certain objects in classroom like chair, table, board,etc with a different points. Ex: board- 5 points, chair 10 points…and so on.

  • Benefit

– This game works well as a team game

– Children can learn vocabulary through the target .

2. Bet you can’t:

  • Preparation: toy money( you can make toy money from cards or paper)
  • Process: T give children a same amount of money at the start, have them run around the class and make bets with ” I bet you can’t…..”( do something like: read a book, see your nose…..). The Ss have the biggest amount of money win at last.
  • Benefits:

– This game helps children revise verbs, numbers they know

– It is a very funny game.

– There are many different versions of this game , T can adjust it to fit Ss even at the higher ages.

3. Category Spin

  • Preparation: an empty bottle or arrow
  • Process:

-Have children sit in a circle

– Spin the arrow, the S that the arrow points will be the first to start.

– The children say a word from choosen topic, the next says the last word plus his own. Ex: topic is Fruit, so S1: orange, S2: orange, apple, S3: orange, apple, banana..

  • Benefits:

– revise vocabulary\

– Make surprise in class( everyone can be the first)


  • Preparation: no tools is needed
  • Process:

– Call a student, tell him/her an emotion and have a demonstrate it.

– The whole class guess the meaning

  • Benefits:

– Revise adjective

– The student become a “machine ” that you control, it is a very funny game.

Those are some simple and funny games that are easy to play in every classrom. Teachers who can use game effectively will draw attention from students and create a friendly learning environment for children, Class will no more be a boring place.


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