Classroom Management Techniques

To achieve effective lessons, it must have a combination of many factors such as teaching methods, students’ attitudes, teaching content.Especially, the learning environment is very important. There are many factors to create a positive learning environment:
– Students pay attention
– Listen to teacher and each other
– Understand what they have to do
– Respect each other and teacher
– Share things
– Stimulatingand motivating learning materials
– Students actively participate: work collaboratively and in co- operation; students are productively angaged
– Positive teacher/ students relationship: praise and encouragement from theteacher; emphasis on building self esteem and confidence; positive behaviour is valued.

The next factor is classroom management skills of teachers. The first step towards effective classroom management is to establish a solid foundation, based on rules and routines. Once this is established, the teacher can then set up and manage activities, using management techniques for getting on, giving effective instructions, setting up group work and maintaining attention and motivation.
Classroom rules set boundaries for children about what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable in class. Those boundaries make children feel secure and teach them important skills for working together and respecting both their teacher and each other.If the teacher involves the children in creating the classroom rules, they will feel more responsibility for and ownership of those rules.

In my opinion, a teacher should have some following classroom management techniques:

Respect: To get the respect of students,teachers should have a serious and fairness attitude in class for students.

Knowledge: Teachers should know their subject thoroughly. It’s not just enough to be prepared for each class; if teachers want to be taken seriously by their students and get students’respect,they must be thoroughly knowledgeable in their subject.

Individualization: Most classes are a mix of average and brilliant students, so it’s best to prepare lessons that cater to the average student. As a teacher who wants to manage your class effectively, you must know how to assess each class you handle and customize your lessons accordingly.

Time-management: The best teachers are poeple who made a class both entertaining and educative. They are able to teach students about the subject and make the class entertaining as well. When a class is interesting, there’s no difficulty in managing its students.

Patience: Teachers who manage their classrooms well must have patience. They don’t lose their cool when their students start acting up. It takes a great deal of patience to cope with a classroom full of students, some of who are bent on causing trouble with their mischievous antics. However, if you manage to adopt a cool attitude and show no frustration, it’s easy to regain control and continue with the lesson.





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