About Classroom Management

This unit helped  me to know what are basic features of  the classroom management and useful methods  of  the creating a high quality and effective class. I have not many experience to manage a English class in primary school, I think that this work is very difficulty. If I ‘m going to teach English for a children class in the future, I don’t know that can I good work by my teaching. I’m sure, my teaching will change to be suitable with my different class and it isn’t the same things that I think about now.

As you know, there ‘re many important factors in the creating an effective learning environment. And in this unit, we have learned about the basic factors to good classroom management, they ‘re classroom rules, getting attention, getting attention, reward system, giving instructions, setting up group work, stirring and setting activities. These factors have a close and interactive relationship, because a English lesson may have  many  different activities, each activity has a different method to work  and manage and each person also has a own method. However, we only learn more, but also are active to good own method, our method cannot  be the same with the others  and they are suitable with our children and class.

I think that we must have some rule for both the teacher and children in the English class.

For example, some rules  may be suitable with children in the English class :

– Bring all needed materials to class.

– Have done homework and prepare new lesson before class.

– Listen and stay seated when someone is talking.

– Obey all school rules.


Some rules for the teacher:

– Don’t ask question with undersized answers on ultimatums.

– Don’t take it personal.

– Provide choice ,but all choices should be your choices.

– Check planner during quiet, seat work time.

-Say something positive to your class every day.


And instructional management include 3 main parts : planing, presenting new content clearly and checking for understanding. they  play  an important role in teaching English.

To sum up, motivating learning through successful classroom management  that is  intelligent associating all abilities, behaviors, understanding, skills,… together.





About tranhien89

student at faculty òf foreign language, Thai Nguyen University, class Russian-English K31

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