Classroom managment isnot easy.

To have a successfull class, a teacher has to not only has firm knowlege but also know how to manage classroom. But Classroom managment isnot easy. After the lesson i perceive some good ways to have many experiences in running the class. It’s focus on 10 main parts: Creating a positive learning enviroment, Approaches for good classroom management, Classroom rules, Classroom routines, Getting attention, Reward system, Giving instructions, Setting up group work, Stirring and settling activities and Main points and summary..

Firstly, creating a positive learning environment is very important. This helps children like to learn and your less is more effective. Teacher should be friendly, Ss will be more comfortale.Interaction between T and Ss  and between Ss and Ss in Pair work or Group work will make active learing environment. They can hel each other and try their best.

Secondly, setting up classrom rules will help management better. Each teacher should have clear rules to run the class. Ss will follow those rules to do them strictly.

Thirdly, T will have ways to get attention such as whistle, clap hands, …there are many techniques to get attention of Ss and change focus, it;s up to each teacher.

Finally, they are reward system. and giving instructions. T can use gesture, ask students and make instructions short. Giving instruction is so necessary to help Ss understan more easily.

Because chiildren are small, so management is so difficult. T has to apply evrery ways to  have a successful lesson.




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