Setting Up Group Work

Group work plays an important method in children’s learning. There are some advantages and disadvantages of this method:

*Advantages of group work:

-This method reduces the pressure on the students
-It makes the work easier
-sharing of ideas.
-it makes your product become more perfect because more ideas are being shared and more brilliant minds participate in the activity

*Disadvantages of group work:

-Someone tends to depend on others
-Someone keeps doing tasks while others is disruption like talking with their friends or reading story, etc.
-unequal distribution of work

Group work is an useful and efficient way of working in teaching language. I suppose that your student do not want to set up group when you put them in to group in order to practice exercise, what should you do?

In my opinion, you should follow some steps to control group work:

-Set the task clearly
-Start with pair interaction then move to groups of three then larger groups
-Give instructions about how to get into groups
-Set specific time limit
-Give clear guidance as what is expected at the end of discussions





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