Benefits of the ways to motivate students’ learning.

We have studied about some ways to motivate Sts’ learning. They are story telling, speaking activities, interactive games, teaching aids, classroom management….. So what is benefits through these ways?…..

(*) Storytelling activity can:

– enhance children’s imagination and creativity.

– help children consider new ideas

– Enhance listening skills

– make children be ready to communicate by retelling stories….

(*) Speaking activities:

– build vocabulary

– enhance communication skill.

– help children remember words by repeating.

– make children be familiar with English…

(*) interaction games:

– make children enjoy lesson and pay more attention to lesson.

– make lesson easier to learn.

– create interesting atmosphere in class…

(*) teaching aids:

– help children remember lesson easily.

– make lesson be more interesting and wonderful.

(*) classroom management: of course this way bring us benefits. And good classroom management provides the foundation needed to create a positive environment in class. We have some factors to create a positive environment in class:

– interaction between teacher- students, students- students.

– Sts listen teacher and other students.

– Sts help one another

– Ts and Sts feel comfortable and friendly.

-> So how to toward effective classroom management: “ The first step is to solid foundation, based on rules and routines. Then teachers can set up and manage activities, using management techniques for getting attention, giving effective instructions, setting up group work and maintaining attention and motivation.”

I have just overviewed about some ways to motivate students’ learning when teaching English. I hope that this writing will be useful for you.


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