Organizing students in class

You are a teacher! In addition to organizing time, you must organize your students. you can do so in a variety of ways, usually in combination with an other.

Whole- class activities: There can include sharing and planning, class discussion, initial experiences, reading aloud by the teacher, talking about books, presenting new materials or identifying new topics or themes to investigate, getting organize to do so, and teaching initiating and demonstrating lesson.
Small group activities: Children work together in small groups on topics or themes of interest that are being pursued by the whole class or that are of special interest just to them( ex. animals…)
Individual activities: you should allow plenty of time for children to work alone, reading, writing, or pursuing topics of interest to them. Individual activities emerge from whole class activities- for instance, one child draws a picture about flowers, or studies an animal that interests him or her. Similarly, individual activities and group activities can be combined, such as finding out about activities in their free time, and sharing information with another child in the group who found out about places they can go.


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