If there are no teaching aids, how teachers teach?

When I was a kid, I did not like studying English because I can not hear and understand what my teacher said. There were many English teachers and each person has own pronunciation as well as voice… Of course, there is no more teaching aids like now.I started study English when my English teacher went to class with simple aids like book, ruler and chalk. Teaching aids such as tape recorder, a CD player, computers are completely unfamiliar things.  I never thought I would become a student of English until I get university admission notice, and now I can listen, understand, even speak and write English. I have learned hard, but I don not think that if there is no teaching aids, how am i? I’m really thankful for my teachers have used many different Teachings aids in teaching. Thus, I do not feel boring in English lesson. I am sure that Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom.


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