Materials in class

The materials are very important, because they make the classroom come alive and they meet the developmental needs of children. they are also precious. As we create materials and consider their purchase, we must be sure that our time and funds are wisely spent. materials should be usable in a variety of ways, not purchased or made for a single activity on one day and then never used again. in fact, we dont have hours to spend on visual or on manipulative that can only be used once, for a single purpose…

A good selection of manipulatives and realia makes it possible to vary the contexts within which students communicate, giving them the practice that they need while maintaining high motivation. A variety of picture visuals to supplement the realia helps students to stretch the concepts they have learned to include a variety of occurrences. A classroom that is well equipment with display boards and equipment makes it easier for the teacher to draw on all the resources available to create a target language “island”. Audiovisual equipment can make it possible for children to have a direct visual or auditory experience with the target culture and with speakers of the language. Teacher-producted materials and visuals add a personal quality and investment to any lesson, and they are often the most effective of all teaching tools. equipment and materials necessary to conduct in-class food activities provide for some of the most motivating and memorable of all classroom activities.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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