Stirring and Settling Activities

Stirring and Settling Activities
 Stirring activities energize students at the beginning of the class and during the lesson when energy levels can drop and children might lose their focus.
 Some teachers worry about the excitement levels and noise generated by activities such as games and group speaking tasks.
 So use settling activities to calm them down again.

Examples of stirring and settling activities:
1. cutting, colouring and sticking, drawing
2. individual writing
3. role play
4. listening and responding
5. word searches / crosswords
6. dictation
7. Copying
8. listening to a story
9. sequencing sentences or pictures
10. listening to instructions
11. group work
12. silent reading
13. doing a test
14. team games
15. filling in blanks
16. listening and repeating
17. chanting or singing
18. Miming
19. puzzles and board games
20. T describes a picture for students to draw


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