8 simple rules help the teacher motivate the student

Teaching English is a complicated process that requires the efforts of both teachers and students. However, in many cases, teachers have many difficulties when students show lack of interest in the study. I would like to introduce 8 simple rules which teachers can apply to help students get motivation in learning English.

Rule 1: Constantly emphasize key concepts.
Repeat these concepts in lectures and homework assignments throughout the class. Through the introduction of questions relates to the main topics in each exam, teachers can encourage students to learn, repeat and apply that knowledge in different circumstances.

Rule 2: Use of visual media (visual aids)

Use of visual media (visual aids) help students understand difficult and abstract concepts because nowadays trend’ students is audiovisual. With these students, a schematic or diagram will have the effect more than thousands of written words or verbal lectures.

Rule 3: Use logical thinking as needed

 Please point out to students that the information is accurate data to keep in their mind and information can be deduced through logical thinking. Teaching student deduces and approach new knowledge by means of thinking

Rule 4: Use classroom activities to reinforce new knowledge

After teaching the students the basic concepts, teachers should give students activities based on the new knowledge

Rule 5: Help students make links between new knowledge and learned knowledge

 If the student can contact the old knowledge, new knowledge learning will take place more easily and more convenient. For example, when teachers teaches students about the future continuous tense “will be + Ving”, teachers can repeat the present continuous tense which they knew “to be + Ving”. This will help students understand more easily.

Rule 6: Recognize the importance of learning vocabulary

They often encounter difficulties with the all new words, especially specialized words. To students receive them, teachers should make them easier to understand by attaching them to the students ‘daily life.

Rule 7: Be respectful students.

Students should be respected since Primary school. Teachers can stimulate the responsibility of the students by giving them positions. This is quite effective with students of universities and colleges because they will try my best to assert themselves

Rule 8: Keep students at a high level.

If students are not required to study at a certain standard, only students with high self-sense are hard-working. On the other hand, the high requirements in teaching not only motivate students but also to create excitement for students to achieve these requirements.

Each rule has very different effects. In my opinion,  rules 7 and 8 are more important. If students are not respected and not be kept at a high level, those rules will be less effective.





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