Why do We Use Game in the Class?

Some think that games are for fun. Even some teachers pay over 30 minutes to play games that are just to amuse their students. Besides that, some others never offer games in their classes. Playing games is a waste of time, and they want their students seriously pay attention to the lesson.

According to me, game is one of the elements that make the classes lively and effective. We should  choose a game that is interesting, and friendly competitive. After the game, if the students can understand more about when and how to apply the vocabulary and grammar, the teacher are success.
In other words, using game is necessary in class. Learning language is a tough job that every learner has to pay their effort every moment for. I often use games in my lessons since I think that games are helpful and interesting. They help and encourage my students to sustain their interest.
Here are the advantages when we use games in class:

1. Games are a welcome break from the usual routine of the language class. Help to change the atmosphere to energize your students.

2. They are motivating and challenging. Fun and real situation always make students excited. They will forget all kinds of mistakes and shame to stand up and talk.

3. Games can give chances to drill all types of skills.

4. They create a meaningful context for language use. Real situations can bring them closer to the use of language.

Source: http://anhvankynang.com/content/why-do-we-play-games-class


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