It’s difficult to build a lesson plan for teaching children:(

I am trying to make a lesson plan. before i thought that it’s not difficult and i can do it well.  However, at that time, i felt it so hard. I do not know how to create the lesson. I have 1 lesson which divided into 4 main parts. Listen and repeat, listen and tick, read and match, let’s play. The big problem is choosing suitable teaching method for each part,….and i have not foud them yet. Perhaps my teacher will be dissappointed in me:((. I am very sorry,  my teacher. I did try my best, however the result is not good as i expected. I will have to teach unit 9 lesson 2. I think i can teach children but i do not know how to motivate them. Should i used powerpoint, chalkboard, or poster? I just have 15hours left to finish my lesson, so now i will return to do it^^.


5 thoughts on “It’s difficult to build a lesson plan for teaching children:(

  1. me too, until now, i dont know how to do it. i may be the first person that is called. im really worry…….:(( Look at the lesson, it has just 2 pages with many pics…….. perhaps tomorrow i will do bad!

  2. To be successful in the classroom, you are the most important! Don’t worry about the Perfection, just do it! Be yourself, don’t rely on the fancy tools such as PP, Interactive Board, Picture…

  3. i think you should not depend on the materials like powerpoint, posters…too much. in some cases, you can deal your problem by yourself. for example, you can draw some illustrations to teach or explain what you want to transfer. it is not only an intelligent way to teach but also a motivative method for a creative teacher.

  4. i think that many student teacher like us feel so hard when making lesson plan for young learner because of many reasons. it is not sure that we can solve all problem in classroom when you have a plan, im some situations, you must deal some prolem by yourself. therefore do not require the perfect in the first time, let try and get more and more experience from teaching time and from the others. To motivate students in your lesson is very difficult if you haven’t the good method and don’t know what you will teach. i suppose that if you understand what you are teaching, your students are, too. don’t worry !

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