It Is Very Difficult ^.^

I will prepare a lesson plan for  lesson 2 of the unit 3: How are you?

Before beginning this work, I think that  my problem is the content of  this lesson is very simple. It is very difficulty to teach in 35 minutes.Then, I watch some sample lesson plans and I know what should I do. The methodology teaching  is the most important thing and I have to work by myself . I have spent  much times to look for the documents that are related to my lesson. I really was stress when I don’t know how to teach pronunciation in the words that are colored differently … Because  I think that if I teach by the way that I have learned and  I don’t use Vietnamese to explain and guess, the children will not understand.

Last  week, we are not in the class, so we have more  times to prepare our lesson plans. Honestly, I’m very happy when  I know that ^_^because  I want to prepare more carefully.

I give some questions that can help me to easier and clearer work:

– What is the main content of the lesson?

– What activities can I use in each part of the lesson? What is the purpose of this activities?

– How do I manage my class? What classroom rules can I use in my class?

– What teaching aids should I prepare?

– Should I use a game in my lesson? If yes, so  What game is suitable with children?

And now, I have done my lesson plan, but I still fell insecure and I can not image how I teach….


About tranhien89

student at faculty òf foreign language, Thai Nguyen University, class Russian-English K31

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