Should we teach a lesson in class or record video ?

I did finished my teaching lesson 3 days ago. At two last lesson, i decided to record my lesson because I think that will better for me and all my close friend choose this way. After finishing i found there are some advantages and disadvantages of recording  a lesson.

Firstly, recording a lesson helps you to manage time yourself. You can record anywhen you can. Besides you can stop to remember your plan as well as to correct your mistake by doing it again.:). Of course, if you have enough time. When recording video you will feel more comfortable than teaching in class. It because students are only your friends.^^.

Secondly, although it has some advantages, the disavantages are numberous:

– Objective condition: it’s hard to find an available classroom. We often had to  wait for along time before we can use one room. And the time was limited. It  often lasted from 1,5 to 2 hours, even an  hour. So we had to go everyday to finish our responsibility on time.

Subjective: There were 10 people in one group, however as i mentioned earlier finding an available room was difficult, so we could only finished not more than 3 people in one day,even one day for only one person. And the time for us was 10days. It seems to be wrong if i say we did not have enogh time, but there were some days we couldn’t have room. Another difficulty is tired. We often had to wait, so we got tired regularly. It effected our results.( some people have interesting games for kids, but when our friends_ kids in class tired they dont want to play… and the atmosphere in class can not be exciting. In short, it’s difficult to motivate them at that time.)

So that all i want to share with you.^^. All the best!

P/s: Cutting video and exporting it are difficult, too. So it will take you much of time.