Write thoughtful learning journals entries

We want your own observations or personal opinions on an idea or activity or experience which was interesting, important or puzzling in some way for you. Here are some ideas for writing an entry for your journal:

a) write about something which puzzled you or you are not clear about, some questions you still have and why;

b) make a link between something (an idea) you learned in one of the sessions and your own experience as a teacher; apply an idea learned to your experience/work;

c) comment on an idea (ideas)/technique which you have doubts about – you think it would not work in your situation and your reasons for saying this;

d) comment on an idea which is not new to you but which the session has made you look at it in a different way or new way;

e) comment on a training activity or technique used by your trainers which you found interesting/helpful or one which did not work and explain the reasons for your reaction;

f) comment on your own feelings or worries about things which have happened during a session or during an activity;

g) comment on working with other participants – a positive experience or a negative experience and your explanation.


About phunghuy

"Học suy cho cùng cũng nhằm để phá bỏ những giới hạn mà chính nó đem lại"

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