Child’s Learning Proccess

As you know, Children are always creative and playful or may be crazy. Children learn everything in many different ways such as: through imitation, their parents teach and Children learn everything what they see around them and may be their learning proccess through the sense and feelings. Child’s brain are developing everyday. It is shaped by the experiences and environment. All of things around the children affects how their brain grow. Children always want to discover or study new something. So the experiences are very important to grow  the child’s brain. Base on the feature, in teaching proccess teacher should give the approriately method.. Teacher should make many activities as much as impossible to motivate children. Learning Proccess   base on not only experiences but also feelings. It means that teacher will understand how their students’ emotions , feelings, what they are thinking. Teacher also should consider the way to create emotion safe learning environments in which students feel uncomfortable, develop confidence. So teacher should create many strong feelings activities. putting students into activities directly such as: play, games, role play….

Teacher should not come to class with a cold face that may be make student uncomfortable. In contrast, Teacher need to create a friendly, caring and stimulating environment in which children are approriately challenged feel free to take risk.

So, children’s learning proccess  may be through many different ways. Anyways teacher is important role to motivate students. Teacher need to understand what children are thinking and what they want to know  about. understanding the psychology of children is also important.


2 thoughts on “Child’s Learning Proccess

  1. Hi Dzung,
    After reading your writing about child’s learning process, I find that some viewpoints are similar to mine. In this writing, you focused on 2 factors: experiences and feelings that affect the learning of children. It is not wrong, but I think you should give more details and show how they affect study process. You can give some examples for readers to imagine the problem. In my opinion, you’d better describe the way that the children think about the lesson and the process they get knowledge. From that, making some suggestion for teachers at primary schools to help young learners have the best result in learning.

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