Multiple Intelligences ( Nguyễn Thị Huyền: DTF1057010035)

In lesson 1, we learned about Multiple Intelligences (MIs) used for teaching English at primary school. This following is my opinion on MIs. First, we need to understand what is intelligence? There are probably many different definitions of intelligence, but I think intelligence is the ability to learn about, learn from, understand and interact with one’s environment. It not only includes a lot of different ways such as logic, understanding, communication, self – awareness, problem solving …., but also is an estimate of the quality that we attribute to the decision making and abstract thinking of people around us.
According to Gardner, intelligence is:
. the ability to create an effective product or offer a service that is valued in a culture.
. a set of skills that make it possible for a person to solve problem in life.
. the potential for finding or creating solutions for problems, which involves gathering new knowledge. Second, we learned about the components of MIs. Some psychologists have divided intelligence into subcategories. For example, Howard Gardner maintained that it is included of seven components: musical, bodily – kinesthelic, logical – mathematical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.
Each person will be good at different aspects in MIs. To know what a person is good at, we have to know what their strong and weak points are.
Firstly, Verbal/ Linguistic intelligence. This component is a person who has the ability to communicate well, perhaps both orally and in writing in several languages. In other word, a person is good at being sensitive to words and sounds and the use of language. It probably includes listening, speaking, story telling and analyzing language usage skills …
Secondly, Bodily – kinesthetic. We have the ability to use one’s physical body well or control the body and handle the objects. The most evident examples are people in athletics or the performing art, particularly dancing or acting.
Thirdly, Logical/ mathematical intelligence. We have the ability to learn higher mathematics and handle complex logical arguments such as mathematicians, logicians …..
The next, Spatial/ Visual intelligence. People have the ability to know where you are relative to fixed locations and are good at understanding the visual world and responding well to it.
The other component is Musical intelligence. People are good at hearing and making sounds and rhythm in music and have the ability to learn, perform, and compose music such as musicians, composers ….
The sixth, Interpersonal intelligence. People are good at being sensitive to feeling of others and responding well such teachers, politicians, religious leaders, …
Finally, Intrapersonal intelligence. People are good at understanding our own feelings and controlling our own behaviour. For example, people who have good insight into themselves and make effective use of their other intelligence. They tend to know what they can and can’t do, and to know where to go if they need help.
In short, we can have different ways to know one’s ability based on components of intelligences. Based on each element so that we can develop their abilities.


2 thoughts on “Multiple Intelligences ( Nguyễn Thị Huyền: DTF1057010035)

  1. Yes, I I can give practical lessons to apply MIs to Primary English Teaching. For example, When I teach students about any lesson by practicing singing to remember new words. After teaching, I will call some students to sing. If students can sing, perform and they are really attracted to lesson, it proved that that student has ability about musical intelligence. Another example, When teaching a language, If student can remember it quickly, that student is good at linguistic.
    Each teacher will have different ways to apply MIs to their students, and depend on the ability of students to know what their strong and weak points are..

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